Adam Trice is an American musician and singer-songwriter from Baltimore, MD. In 2007, he began performing and recording as Red Sammy as solo and duo projects and with a rotating cast of musicians. Trice’s music is a unique blend of rock, folk, country, blues, and Americana styles.

The band name is taken from a minor character, Red Sammy Butts, in American southern gothic writer, Flannery O’Connor’s short story, “A Good Man is Hard to Find,” (1955). The songwriting embraces the beauty in imperfection. Life, work, hard work, disappointment, love and loss are all themes entwined in the songs that lyrically hang together with a poetic sensibility. Notable songwriters and writers of inspiration include: Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Alejandro Escovedo, Tom Waits, Tom Petty, Lucinda Williams, Frank Black/The Pixies, Raymond Carver, W.C. Williams, Ernest Hemingway, Charles Bukowski, and many others.  

Trice has released four album’s (Red Sammy Self-titled release, 2007; Dog Hang Low, 2009; A Cheaper Kind of Love Song, 2011; These Poems With Kerosene, 2013) as well as one book of poetry with accompanying soundtrack (In Places with Bad Lighting, 2010). His latest album, Creeps & Cheaters was released in October 2015.

Red Sammy (in various band arrangements) has opened for national/regional artists including: Mike Watt and the Missingmen, Deer Tick, Mark Kozelek of Red House Painters, Phosphorescent, Dirty River Boys, Reckless Kelly, Fly Golden Eagle.  Past festival performances include: FloydFest 2015, Denver Underground Music Festival 2011, Toronto Underground Folk Festival 2011, Artscape 2011, 2013, 2015 (Baltimore, MD), Baltimore Folk Festival 2013 and 2014, Baltimore Book Festival 2012 and 2013, HonFest 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015 (Baltimore, MD), Run for Your Lives Zombie 5K and Festival, Fringe Festival (Buffalo, NY).

Creeps & Cheaters (available October 2015)
Red Sammy’s new album (coming soon) is gritty, heartfelt, and soulful and delivers nine songs with lyrics that are poetic, poignant, and fresh. With the accompaniment of a full Americana-style rock band, the songs on this album erupt in all the right places. Red Sammy’s latest rock outfit includes: Bruce Elliott (electric guitar), Greg Humphreys (bass, electric guitar, mandolin, backing vocals), Ryan Bowen (drums), Adam Trice (acoustic guitar, electric guitar, vocals).

These Poems With Kerosene (2013)
In These Poems With Kerosene, Red Sammy consists of band members John Decker (1933 National resonator guitar), Greg Humphreys (bass), Tony Calato (drums), and Adam Trice (acoustic guitar, vocals). Trice collaborates with poet and University of Baltimore professor, Steve Matanle, to present a sort of spoken dialogue between poems and lyric-driven songs. Greed, dependence, lust, acceptance, the false hope of perfection are all encounters on this album. The listener encounters various characters who all share a similar miserable and heartbreaking life circumstance. They frequent the same places: package goods stores, bars, street corners.

“The gritty, gravelly-voiced country fits perfectly with Matanle’s detailed scenes, making for a fascinating album. It’s a slow-burner, working its way into your consciousness bit by bit. Both Steve Matanle and Red Sammy have contributed pieces that give you space to think: they don’t hit you over the head with anything. That’s a welcome blessing. These Poems With Kerosene is a must-hear for alt-country fans,” (Independent Clauses, 2013)

A Cheaper Kind of Love Song (2011)
Love’s labors are not lost, they’re just sometimes misdirected, often misinterpreted, and frequently late-blooming. A Cheaper Kind of Love Song is a collection of perspectives on the fatal condition that entraps us all: Love. The tastings from this vine, are more subtle, but extremely robust. As with all Red Sammy songs, life that’s real pulses through every lyric and chord. A Cheaper Kind of Love Song is a turning point for Trice and the eclectic ensemble of artists he adeptly melds together. The signature edge is still there –it’s a lot less jagged though, but much sharper.

On this album Red Sammy consists of band members John Decker (1933 National resonator guitar), Theron Melchior (bass, saw), Tony Calato (drums), and Adam Trice (acoustic guitar, vocals).

“Trice and a shifting cast of musicians explore what the band’s web site dubs “graveyard country rock,” an atavistic sound that borrows from the croon and ache of country, the plainspoken austerity of folk, and a touch of the clanking Americana of mid-period Tom Waits, all highlighted by Trice’s front-and-center lyrics and gravelly voice. A Cheaper Kind of Love Song expands the project’s horizon’s a bit with a fuller, harder-driving band sound,” (Baltimore City Paper).

In Places With Bad Lighting (2010)
In 2010, Trice joined cellist, Julia Oat-Judge, on a collection of five songs consisting of acoustic and electric guitars accompanied by cello. The songs were a call-and-response to book of poems written and produced by Trice. Published by Mr. DIYDS Press, a limited run of 200 books with accompanying soundtrack were produced. The book and collection is no longer available in print copy. Musician credits on this album: Adam Trice (acoustic guitar, electric guitar, vocals), Julia Oat-Judge (cello), Tony Calato (drums and percussion).

Dog Hang Low (2009)
In 2009, Red Sammy was regarded for their “graveyard country rock” style and the literary attributes of their songs.  Dog Hang Low is Trice’s sophomore album. In this collection of eight songs, listeners will naturally relish Red Sammy’s signature rollercoaster lyrics, sounds, and emotions. Musicians on this album include Josh Weiss (electric guitar, pedal steel), Theron Melchior (bass, saw), Katie Feild (backing vocals), Tony Calato (drums), Bill Harder (harmonica), Adam Trice (acoustic guitar, vocals).

“Trice and his crew create finely honed, melancholy roots rock. Trice’s raspy baritone rides herd on quiet, ambling country rock, creating the perfect dusky atmosphere for the brooding tunes,” (The Big Takeover)

Red Sammy (2007) Self-Titled Release
In 2007, Trice collaborated with Katie Feild to present a collection of eleven tracks released as the band, Red Sammy. Trice and Feild were joined by music engineer, Nick Sjostrom, who recorded and played drums on the album. A limited quantity (200 CDs) was handmade with artwork by Katie Feild. Physical copies of this album are no longer available.  Musician credits on this album: Adam Trice (acoustic guitar, electric guitar, vocals), Katie Feild (bass, concertina, backing and lead vocals), Nick Sjostrom (drums and percussion). 

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